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Welcome to Monkey in the Middle. Here we are all about delicious and nutritious food, family time, and convenience
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Classic Homestyle Waffle being held by illustration of a monkey hand.

Our frozen plant-based and gluten-free waffle/ pancake batters are ready-to-cook.

That’s right – no measuring, scaling, running out of ingredients, googling “how to substitute...”, making a mess in the kitchen, no dishes nor cleaning up. Simply defrost overnight in the refrigerator (or on the counter for a 1-2 hours), heat up your waffle press or pancake pan, pour and cook. And that’s it! All the taste (and wonderful smells) of a homemade breakfast with the convenience of a ready-to-cook batter. Your family will go wild for it!


Our waffle/ pancake batters

Monkey in the Middle Cinnamon Maple Waffle/Pancake Mix

Cinnamon Maple

Classic Homestyle Waffle/Pancake Mix Packaging

Classic Homestyle

Raspberry Swirl Waffle/Pancake Mix Packaging

Raspberry Swirl


Who we are

Monkey in the Middle was born when a busy mom was planning a weekend brunch for the family, but didn’t want to scale ingredients , mix them , make a mess, and clean up. She also wanted to always have something on hand to surprise guests during the weekend. It also needed to be wholesome, plant based and gluten free, as that’s how she feeds herself and her family. Finally, she wanted to satisfy her non - vegan/gluten free guests with something that would surprise them. You see where this is going..


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